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EURO 2016: Boring but with satisfying ending


Boring because it got expanded for additional 8 teams for the first time which meant more stretched tournament (to whole month) and more tactical and thus boring matches. UEFA already reported huge and positive turnover but overall quality was poor. It also meant better team were leaving the competition too soon and teams with mediocre group stage like Portugal’s three draws qualifying into the next round.

Satisfying ending because Portugal beat France where Portugal were playing without their star player Cristiano Ronaldo from 25th minute due his injury in clash with Dimitri Payet (which looked really nasty). Ronaldo was then seen actively supporting his team-mates from coach area and was seemingly acting like assistant manager. And also because as an ex-United player I wish him all the trophies he can get.

By Jernej
JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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