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3rd Season Finale of The Flash


Left me cold and little disappointed.

They’ve should have thrown Barry into The Speed Force lot sooner and without him knowing so his evil future self, Savitar would not remember it and try to stop him. Him being in The Speed Force would result in Savitar being unable to be born. Also why did Barry’s lose of memory affect Savitar in a flash but after their con which resulted in H.R. being killed, not Iris, he continued to exist for hours. Another also: Iris should be dead no matter what they try to change it. Because it’s my opinion when you see a future, you cannot escape from it and change it’s outcome, because all possible changes were already accounted for when you saw the future. But I guess physics don’t work on TV like in the real world or else Flash and Supergirl would not be transporting people with their super speed because of the fear of shattering their spine.

Thank God, next season’s main villain won’t be a speedster.

Despite H.R.’s BIG sacrifice, Tom Cavanagh, the actor who was portraying him, will be in the next season. That’s awesome! Possibly reprising the role from second season, Harrison Wells from Earth 2. On that note I’d like to say that among three roles Cavanagh has played in the Flash series so far, H.R. was the most enjoyable and funnest to watch. I think that everyone needs in their life a person like him who’ll motivate you and keep you spirit up.

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JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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