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My thoughts on Heavy Rain


I got the game together with Two Souls: Beyond (which also I wrote about here) and like the latter, Heavy Rain was such a cool experience to play! It’s an awesome psychological thriller with lots of cut scenes that are in fact motion capture. In the game player assumes roles of multiple characters that he navigates in open world and interacts with nearby objects. In game characters try to uncover who is the Origami killer and in the same time save his latest victim which is said to have only so much time left till rain reaches certain volume.

Although the only action player gets from the game is guiding character around the world and by quickly pressing the buttons that are showing on the screen when there’s a fight, danger or some special move is required (lock-picking the door, maneuvering through electrified field to get to the other side of the room), personally for me that’s quite enough. Personally I was always more of a single-player guy, meaning I was more invested in the story-line side of the game.

I’ve never suspected who the real antagonist of the game is but quickly connected the dots when the first hint was mentioned. I think that part disappointing me little, because the clue about the Origami killer’s identity was given away in a cut-scene without player’s involvement. There is also more than one ending possible. I encountered only 2 but it’s said there are 22 of them. First one was the main two protagonist being killed and Origami killer being still free, the second was those two saves Origami’s victim and killer being dead. I doubt I’ll pursue different endings though although I have a feeling the second ending is still not a perfect ending because I declined some decision when the story was coming to final stage.

Also I have a question for IGN which rated a game 9/10 when released in 2010 but gave 7.5/10 for its remastered edition for PS4 with main comment “Still fun, but dated”. How is this possible? You can’t say that and totally disregard time component. Sure, game development has evolved and progressed since than but this game wasn’t something new in 2016. When it came out in 2010, it offered something new. Guess I need to find myself a new gaming website that will have more credible game ratings!

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