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The Red Pill: A movie about men’s rights movement


The Red Pill is a really interesting documentary about men’s rights movement (MRA). Also because it is made by Cassie Jaye, who told in the documentary her background of being a feminist for 10 years and about her earlier career as an Hollywood actress and how married movie producers harassed her on streets and photographers told her to loose weight and get breast implants. She quieted acting and decided to start telling stories she’s interested in (making documentaries and such). Great move! Her documentaries about social issues gained a lot of praise (including the movie in title).

It came to my notice after an incident where feminists were protesting against its screening in Sydney and when Australian TV station Sunrise received a bad press of how the anchors, who didn’t watch the documentary beforehand, were criticizing the documentary while having a live feed with Cassie Jaye (video). So I guess, thank feminists for introducing me to this great documentary! I also found out after watching the movie that it was successfully crowd-sourced via Kickstarter for post-production phase. Which obviously pissed feminists even more.

The Red Pill focuses on MRAs but Cassie Jaye also visits prominent feminists and various professors of sociology and gender studies favoring feminism to give opinion. Can’t shake the feeling that arguments/responses from latter weren’t strong and convincing. On the other side, MRAs presented disturbing statistics showing society treating man as being disposable (war casualties, dangerous jobs), horrific stories about paternity issues dads can face, media bias toward woman/girls. For the last one was an example of Boko Haram getting the world-wide attention only after kidnapping of girls in Nigera, but before that, they killed and burned boys aged 11 to 18 alive and no media was covered this.

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JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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