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The Couple Next Door by Sheri Lapena (Review)


The Couple Next Door is an excellent mystery and thriller which is about parents whose 6-month-old baby has been kidnapped while they were on a party next door. While the criminal is being investigated by the police everything is revealed through narratives which are told through eyes of different characters and confrontations with each other. Police involvement in book is therefore useless, it only adds legitimicy to the story. Who would take seriously a story where a baby is kidnapped and parents don’t notify a police about it?

I enjoyed the story, it had lot of plot twists. There were a moment I thought to myself “OK, that’s it. 40 pages left to finish the book and surely no new plot twist will come up”, but I was wrong. I didn’t know the biggest one was yet to come. This one added a new meaning to the whole story and how characters where judged.

I was little put off by writing. I’m not used to read novels in present simple. I was also annoyed how there were paragraphs where every sentence started with character name or personal pronouns (like this paragraph).

By Jernej
JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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