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On 13th Doctor casting choice


Yesterday after Wimbledon’s final match an announcement was made that the next Doctor will play Jodie Whittaker. I find it exciting because it will surely bring a new dimension to the show since all past 12 Doctors were guys.

What I didn’t like about the casting choice is how much controversy it generated, especially internet publishing sites way too aggressively pushing for a female choice. Now this feels like new Doctor was chosen based on gender and not because of acting. Nowadays everyone wants to be political correct. I also think this was a tactical decision too. Show is trying to appeal more to American viewers and because majority of American viewers are progressives. I remember show making fun of Trump. I also remember an interview with now former lead writer, Steven Moffat, about how Doctor Who is always about companions and companions are always women so Doctor Who being a guy is only a natural choice.

This issue also confirmed why I hate fandoms. There will always be members who feel obliged to let their opinion be known to the rest of world and opinions like that are normally against the subject. And there are infinity amount of people who feel obliged to respond in equal or worse manner. Just go expand any Facebook post about female cast choice there will always be a comment disagreeing with the choice (those will probably be written politely) and some replies to that comment which insults the OP of basically being white supremacist misogynist male. This is not healthy and I refuse to be part of this schema.

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JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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