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TV series and movies I’m watching these days


I like watching TV series and movies from time to time. Not on TV, but on my laptop because advantages are clear to me; no annoying ads and you can watch video on-demand. You can also organize time how you are going to watch it. For example often I don’t watch a movie from start to finish in one evening but in course of several.

So these days I’m watching two TV series (The Good Doctor and This is Us) and if I’m in a mood, a movie which I pick from excellent A good movie to watch website. In the past I’ve been watching more but I’ve found out it’s is too much and I tend not to be an extremist.

I’m really proud of my picks. I’m really enjoying these two series, which are certainly a step up from past TV series I’ve been watching. Both TV series have good, lovely characters that actually make me care about them and don’t make me question a story from scenario point of view which happened a lot in TV series I’ve been watching before.

As for movies, I have been searching for a movie recommendation website for a long time. Preferably the one where blockbusters and highly marketed movies aren’t the center of attention. It’s not that I do not enjoy watching action movies or that they are bad, it’s just that less-known movies often have to offers more. I have settled for A good movie to watch because it lists those kind of movies and because I enjoyed first couple of movies I picked from the site (for example Blue Jay, A Separation, Wild Tales, Incendies, 45 years).

But when I have more time to spare, I can go nuts in watching TV series. This means loading a whole season of some new and highly praised TV series and binge-watch it. If I enjoy it more than one of my current pick, they get swapped without feeling bad for a TV series that gets kicked out.

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JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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