Three Weeks With My Brother by Nicholas Sparks (review)

Three Weeks With My Brother is a beautiful memoir written by American Writer Nicholas Sparks who is probably most known as the author of the books that are the base for movies like The Notebook, Message in the Bottle, The Chance. There of course exists more movies based on his books but those three are the ones I actually saw.

This was a great read. It evoked many emotions while reading: joy, sadness, amazement. The novel is about his travel around the world in 2002 with his brother Micah and as we learn at the end of the book, his only remaining relative of nuclear family of 3 kids. On a travel the brothers often reminiscent about their past and how close they were all the time – growing up, interacting with parents and their very tragic family side of the story. I enjoyed reading about brothers’ adventures when they were young, I’ve enjoyed reading about their wonderful mom and her philosophy (“No one ever said life was fair”, “What you wish and what you get a two entirely different things”, “It’s your life + some socially comment”). Also when the author was describing past events he looked and offered explanation to why they were as they were with the eyes of adult and a parent (simple example, as a middle child he didn’t get attention like his older brother or younger sister but looking back as a parent he knows that attention doesn’t equal love). Comments like that also made me thing about myself and my past.

Three Weeks With My Brother was recommended to me by my mom. Now we are even since I’ve also recommended a book she enjoyed (All the light we cannot see). 🙂