Baking with sourdough, update

I have decided to do an update entry about my experience of baking sourdough bread, this time in audio format and in my native language. But below is the translated text of what I’m saying on the audio

Here I am again, this time in audio format, to speak about my latest acquired experiences in baking with sourdough. I did two changes which gave me a greater satisfaction when admiring final product.

First one concerns the way I bake. So far I have baked 20 minutes with steam at 22 degrees Celsius, then 20 minutes at 200 degrees without steam. All the time the oven setting was top and bottom heat. Now the last part is reduced to 15 minutes, then oven setting is changed to bottom heat and hot air and bread is baked for another 5 minutes. The result is nicer color of a bread and crust is more crunchy.

Second is that coworker who is familiar with bread-making, gave me a couple of proofing baskets. Compared to the size of my own, they are smaller and because they can hold less dough, the dough is easier to handle. But it’s true that now I have to bake two loaves to last for a week. So I don’t have to calculate what is the maximum amount of bread I can eat per day.