The best home workout equipment…

… are gymnastics rings.

I have them for a couple of weeks now and I really enjoy working out using them. They are practical because I can perform multiple exercises on them and the only thing I need to set them up is a high enough anchor point. For performing next exercise I just need to change the length of the straps or/and body position. They also don’t take up much space when I’m not using them. They are stored in a sport bag alongside my other training equipment. They also allow me to move freely thus are easier on my joints.

Doing same exercise on rings compared on bars makes it much more challenging because of the instability rings offer. For example right now I can do good 10 dips on a dip station but when I first tried to do them on rings, I couldn’t manage even one.

They are highly praised in bodyweight training communities and it is through them I learned about the rings, how they are not reserved just for gymnasts and what are their benefits.

The following video showed up in my recommendations the other day that nicely shows the advantages of gymnastics rings.