Kitchen machine, #1

I also own a kitchen machine from December 2021. I bought it mainly because of bread/pizza making but I also used it for making pastry dough.

First lesson learned when kneading bread dough – if the dough does not cling to the dough hook after running for few minutes then check the dough quantity and dough hydration (ration of water to flour in weight). Having too little dough or it being too stiff won’t make it slap against the sides of the bowl thus stretching it.

When mixing/kneading bread by hand, I tend to do it in smaller batches because it is more easier to handle and conveniently. But in kitchen machine batch size must be increased for it to work properly and to be better utilized. If this means I will be baking more bread than I need till the next bake (or pizzas), I’ll just give it to other family members. Nobody should say no to a fresh homemade bread/pizza. 🙂