Fender Acoustasonic Player

Currently I am in a search of my first electric guitar and one of the electric guitars I’ve been trying is Fender Acoustasonic Player which is a electro-acoustic guitar in the shape of telecaster with a sound hole.

Beside pure acoustic sound the guitar can also produce sounds of various body shapes of acoustic guitars through amplifier, blend knob and a switch, giving a total of 4 different acoustic sounds.

My issues with it from a playability point of view are:

  • high action. I am not spending couple of euros more on a luthier to fix it given the price.
  • neck feels too thin (maybe combination of a nut width and a neck profile).

It also features a smaller head-stock so clipping a tuner to it correctly requires more attention which I find a little inconvenient.

I would also like to point out I am a beginner guitar player so maybe for more experienced guitar players find these points not a deal breaker.