Exercising with jump rope

For the past six months I have been regularly exercising with jump rope. Prior starting it I only do strength training regularly and cardio every once in a while and I felt guilty not including latter more often into my workouts. Jump rope came to mind after browsing fitness YouTube recommendations (benefits, tons of workouts available to get you started etc) and I gave it a try.

I brought better-quality jump ropes and 6 months later I still find it enjoying and challenging. It’s because beside using it for cardio purposes I use it to have fun with it by learning different moves. Aside regular jump, now I can for example do boxer jump, criss-cross, alternate feet, high knees, double side swing, straddles, some combination of them but I want to also be able to do “double unders” which I think are super cool and real calorie burner. Every new move strengthens my mental like focusing on doing things in right sequences until it became a muscle memory and physical abilities like coordination and balance (jumping in one spot).