Cut video in multiple clips and export them as a seperate video files (ShotCut tutorial)

Sometimes I want to cut video in multiple clips and export each clip to a separate video file. One option to do it is with ShotCut.

  1. Add file to a timeline.
  2. Split the video using “Split At Playhead” icon as many times as needed.
  3. Than for each clip repeat the following:
    • Select clip
    • Copy it
    • In playlist tab, click plus icon button that has tooltip “Add the Source to the Playlist”. New thumbnail appears.
  4. After that go to Export tabs and in From select “Each Playlist item” and click Export File button.

On screenshot below interesting parts of the UI are highlighted:

The downside of this approach is the repetitive work of adding each clip on a playlist but I just couldn’t find other software that’s free, works for Linux and can do the job better in term of amount of work needed to do it (can’t complain about end result in ShotCut).