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My experiences using Anko library (Android Kotlin)


I’ve been using Anko library from the start of my Kotlin journey and my experiences with it are mostly positive. According to its Github readme page, Anko is ...a Kotlin library which makes Android application development faster and easier. It makes your code clean and easy to read, and lets you forget about rough edges of the Android SDK for Java. Anko consists of several parts: - Anko...

Kotlin is so cool and easy to learn


I enjoy developing Android applications. When I’ve read couple of months ago Kotlin has been added as a official language to Android Studio I finally decided to learn it. Up to that point I had been hearing only good things about Kotlin. I don’t know when I first heard of Kotlin but probably year and a half ago when I became interested in Android mobile development, again...

Android Fragments


Fragments are important aspect of building great user interfaces in Android. I’ve finally managed to learn them properly with a book titled Creating Dynamic UI with Android Fragments by Jim Wilson. With it we learn about fragments and their related concepts and how they are connected through building seemingly simple app of list of book titles and text which shows currently selected...

JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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