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  • Total Lunar Eclipse (Super Blue Blood Moon), January 31, 2018

    Yesterday sister sent me a request over an e-mail if I could print some document for her. Of course I wanted to grant her wish immediately only to find out after first page being printed, a black cartridge was out. Since it was only 6 pm and the nearest shop that sells cartridges was still […]

  • All-girl Lord of the Flies remake

    An all-girl cast for Lord of the Flies remake is in the making. I found this while looking at Twitter’s trending hashtags this morning. Having read this classic few month ago on my Kindle, I wondered though how this could possibly work. William Goldberg who wrote it 50 years ago, come up with a brief […]

  • Internet of Insecure Things (Oct 21 DDoS Attack)

    Last Friday (Oct 21) occurred large two-part distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack which rendered couple of important websites inaccessible for my day-to-day workflow (GitHub, Amazon, Twitter,…). Technically you could still access the site, just not by URL which is a human-friendly website address, but by IP address which is an actual way how machines identify each […]

  • InfluxDB: a time-series database to go

    InfluxDB is exciting new technology I’m learning at the moment. It’s a specialized database for storing time series. In short time-series is defined by its name and metric name(s). It consists of sequence of {timestamp, metric values} ((Baron Schwartz’s Blog: Time-Series Requirements)) where each record is uniquely defined by timestamp. The most obvious use case […]

  • Jaz sem Charlie? Niti ne

    Jaz sem Charlie? Niti ne

    Geslo Je suis Charlie (Jaz sem Charlie), ki se je razpaslo po nedavnih napadih na pariški satirični častnik Charlie Hebdo predvsem po družbenih omrežjih, je po mojem popolnoma zgrešeno. Jaz si to gesto namreč prevajam kot Tudi jaz bom risal nespoštljive karikature do muslimanov. To, kar je počel Charlie Hebdo s prerokom Mohamedom, je nespoštljivo […]