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Downsides of reading e-books

I’ve been wanting to write a post about downsides of reading e-books on my Kindle for a long time. For me there isn’t almost any. But recently I have found a big one.

I don’t miss holding physical book in my hands and how much space they take if you own couple of them. I don’t miss smell of it (my sense of smell is poor anyway). But I do miss the the ability to see immediately how many pages a book contains.

For example, as it turned out I’m now reading 850-page long book. It’s The Charm School by Nelson DeMille and I started to read it because I’m sad The Americans has ended after 6 seasons. I discovered book in Barnes and Noble’s blog post Instead of Watching That, Read This. The series’ and book’s concepts are very similar. I predict I’ll finish it in 2 months.

Libraries over frameworks

Lately (in term of years) I noticed I prefer using libraries over frameworks. Or in other words I like to use packages that each do their one thing well rather than one package with all batteries included. I recognize both libraries and frameworks have their pros and cons.

You can see my preference for libraries if you are reading my blog where I write a lot about web development, specifically about React and Go. Well, Go is a programming language but because it has an excellent standard library, there’s actually no need for a framework.

The most obvious advantage of using libraries over frameworks I have are:

  • I have a freedom of putting all pieces of an application as I see fit and only those necessarily.
  • I can easily replace one piece after another, better option appears.
  • they take less time to learn.
  • feeling I have a control over them not other way around.
  • process of updating a library is less painful.

The biggest pain point is writing boilerplate after starting every new project. But this is solvable by maintaining your own starter/base/boilerplate. I don’t like using boilerplates from other people because they don’t fit my mental model (but that doesn’t mean I don’t like inspecting them for fresh ideas on how to I improve my own boilerplate).

Disadvantages of using frameworks I’ve experienced so far are:

  • hard to learn
  • developing in it I often don’t feel like a [insert a programming language] developer
  • learning specifics which are in general useless instead of core programming concepts, computer science that can be reapplied to every new project.
  • using only small subset of features or fixing a bug? Too bad, you have to learn all of it so that you might not break anything.
  • having to conform to specific mindset and way of doing things because framework is designed for doing things THAT way (convention over configuration).

I only enjoyed using/learning frameworks at the beginning of my career because I didn’t exactly know what a modern applications consist of. After years of learning how to architecture an application (folder structure, design patterns etc) on my own or from popular frameworks I became confident in doing them from scratch with the help of libraries that aren’t limiting my creativeness.

On 13th Doctor casting choice

Yesterday after Wimbledon’s final match an announcement was made that the next Doctor will play Jodie Whittaker. I find it exciting because it will surely bring a new dimension to the show since all past 12 Doctors were guys.

What I didn’t like about the casting choice is how much controversy it generated, especially internet publishing sites way too aggressively pushing for a female choice. Now this feels like new Doctor was chosen based on gender and not because of acting. Nowadays everyone wants to be political correct. I also think this was a tactical decision too. Show is trying to appeal more to American viewers and because majority of American viewers are progressives. I remember show making fun of Trump. I also remember an interview with now former lead writer, Steven Moffat, about how Doctor Who is always about companions and companions are always women so Doctor Who being a guy is only a natural choice.

This issue also confirmed why I hate fandoms. There will always be members who feel obliged to let their opinion be known to the rest of world and opinions like that are normally against the subject. And there are infinity amount of people who feel obliged to respond in equal or worse manner. Just go expand any Facebook post about female cast choice there will always be a comment disagreeing with the choice (those will probably be written politely) and some replies to that comment which insults the OP of basically being white supremacist misogynist male. This is not healthy and I refuse to be part of this schema.

3rd Season Finale of The Flash

Left me cold and little disappointed.

They’ve should have thrown Barry into The Speed Force lot sooner and without him knowing so his evil future self, Savitar would not remember it and try to stop him. Him being in The Speed Force would result in Savitar being unable to be born. Also why did Barry’s lose of memory affect Savitar in a flash but after their con which resulted in H.R. being killed, not Iris, he continued to exist for hours. Another also: Iris should be dead no matter what they try to change it. Because it’s my opinion when you see a future, you cannot escape from it and change it’s outcome, because all possible changes were already accounted for when you saw the future. But I guess physics don’t work on TV like in the real world or else Flash and Supergirl would not be transporting people with their super speed because of the fear of shattering their spine.

Thank God, next season’s main villain won’t be a speedster.

Despite H.R.’s BIG sacrifice, Tom Cavanagh, the actor who was portraying him, will be in the next season. That’s awesome! Possibly reprising the role from second season, Harrison Wells from Earth 2. On that note I’d like to say that among three roles Cavanagh has played in the Flash series so far, H.R. was the most enjoyable and funnest to watch. I think that everyone needs in their life a person like him who’ll motivate you and keep you spirit up.

What I would miss about Ubuntu Unity

Recently company behind Ubuntu announced it will discontinue developing Unity, Ubuntu’s default desktop environment and for the next LTS Gnome will take its place. The news made me sad because of one feature I really like about Unity which Gnome doesn’t have. And this is global menus where app bar and it’s menu are mixed in desktop bar. Which saves a ton of space. It also provides less distraction. I hope Ubuntu team will really work on this issue and make Gnome compelling to use. Because right now although I’m from time to time using gnome desktop for getting used and prepared to that switch, I’m always taken aback how quickly I switch back to Unity. With Gnome I have a “such a waste of space” feeling all the time.