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  • Ooni Koda 12, two years after (pizza oven review)

    Ooni Koda 12, two years after (pizza oven review)

    AFTER TWO YEARS, my Ooni Koda 12 pizza oven is looking good and performing really well, just as a new one. It is worth the investment!

  • The best home workout equipment…

    … are gymnastics rings. I have them for a couple of weeks now and I really enjoy working out using them. They are practical because I can perform multiple exercises on them and the only thing I need to set them up is a high enough anchor point. For performing next exercise I just need […]

  • Learning Rust

    For quite some time I am learning to code in Rust. Rust is a system programming language, sponsored by Mozilla, adored by Microsoft and programming language which tops the StackOverflow polls for “most-loved” programming language every year since 2016 (whatever that actually means…). I discovered it while reading tech news related to Firefox, my personal […]

  • Downsides of reading e-books

    I’ve been wanting to write a post about downsides of reading e-books on my Kindle for a long time. For me there isn’t almost any. But recently I have found a big one. I don’t miss holding physical book in my hands and how much space they take if you own couple of them. I […]

  • Libraries over frameworks

    Lately (in term of years) I noticed I prefer using libraries over frameworks. Or in other words I like to use packages that each do their one thing well rather than one package with all batteries included. I recognize both libraries and frameworks have their pros and cons. You can see my preference for libraries […]