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On developing Android applications


Developing Android applications is fun thanks to good documentation, lots of guides and zillion examples all over the internet. Programming in Java, not so much. But not discouraging to the point to use libraries which let you write mobile apps in other programming languages like Ionic, PhoneGap or similar. I prefer going native. And besides, 60 % of the time is spent developing and learning...

Internet of Insecure Things (Oct 21 DDoS Attack)


Last Friday (Oct 21) occurred large two-part distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack which rendered couple of important websites inaccessible for my day-to-day workflow (GitHub, Amazon, Twitter,…). Technically you could still access the site, just not by URL which is a human-friendly website address, but by IP address which is an actual way how machines identify each other in a network...

After watching “Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room”


I watched this documentary previous weekend and it made quite an impression on me. Since then I’ve been googling about things mentioned in it to gain more background (Enron as a company, individuals, concepts like deregulation, different ways of accounting, California electricity crisis,…). The documentary is based on the book with the same name written by reporters Bethany McLean and...

4 best things that happened to me in 2015


1. Graduating and obtaining BS in Computer Science. This one is the most important for me. It took me 7 years to get it (2008 – 2015), which is an average. What can I say, I’m an average guy when it comes to this things. For example I also scored an average when graduating from secondary school. And if I would be applying again for faculty, I’d choose the same despite some...

The Martian: Book/movie


I noticed back in September a movie poster for The Martian starring Matt Damon and I didn’t give it much interest. Months passed and I stumbled across The Martian again when I was searching for an inspiration for reading a new book. I spotted it at the New York best-sellers list. So I opened Amazon website and transferred myself a free sample of the book on my Kindle Paperwhite. Those first...

JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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