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Avtomatska rokometna lestvica (WordPress plugin)


Last weekend I developed for an acquintance a WordPress plugin which I’ve titled “Avtomatska rokometna lestvica” (translates to “Automatic handball league table” from Slovene). He’s a contributor to an official website of RK Trimo Trebnje, my local handball club and asked me if it’s possible to have a functionality which replaces the manual work of...

Kotlin is so cool and easy to learn


I enjoy developing Android applications. When I’ve read couple of months ago Kotlin has been added as a official language to Android Studio I finally decided to learn it. Up to that point I had been hearing only good things about Kotlin. I don’t know when I first heard of Kotlin but probably year and a half ago when I became interested in Android mobile development, again...

A Movie Downloader (a weekend project in Go)


Last weekend’s project I made was a CLI downloader, named A Movie Downloader (movie-dl), that searches for a movie and downloads both magnet link and a matching English subtitles. A magnet is then opened with Transmission that handles its download. Subtitles are placed in a folder where a movie will be downloaded. That meant that somehow I needed to figure it out where and how this folder...

JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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