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YouTube iframe API


YouTube iframe API lets developers control embedded YouTube video on a website. They can for example stop or pause the player, react on player state changes or add their own event listener. I familiarise with it with a YouTube video that’s in fact compilation of couple of songs and I beside it was an ordered list of those songs and I wanted the currently played song to be styled differently...

How to reduce amount of dispatched actions in Redux


When I was beginner in using Redux to manage state in JavaScript while using React, I often dispatched unnecessary amount of actions when I could be done with just one or two. Or when I was loading initial data when user visits website, I often dispatched an action that set only specific resource. Something like this: const fetchAppData = () => dispatch => apiClient.fetchAppData() .then(res =>...

Handlebars and template inheritance


Handlebars aren’t good fit if you want to have template system that has a template inheritance feature built-in. Sure, you could use workarounds like this one but you need to be careful about how you specify all different parts of markup. For example in this one I’ve linked you need to define all blocks before applying main structure of the page (typically as partial). If you do this...

Feathers.js makes developing RESTful and realtime apps easier


I discovered Feathers.js via Tutorialzine article that popped in my Facebook timeline, which offered 15 interesting JavaScript and CSS libraries for June 2017. Since then I’ve been toying with it for almost a week now and I’m really liking it. It has a lot of documentation to start with but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone new to web development since it’s not...

JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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