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New React Context API


I like new react API for creating and using context. It feels right. One thing I immediately tried to do was creating a helper which simplifies consuming multiple contexts. Because they create context hell. When you component uses more than one context and because of a children as a function pattern (which is basically the same as render props pattern where component’s children function is...

Like/dislike content or remove vote


I’m building an app around YouTube iframe api (which I wrote about already), where user can like/dislike content (a type of video which is a compilation of songs that can be targeted by time) or removing vote if clicking on the same vote type again. For example if user clicks on like button for the second time in a row, vote gets removed and page appears as user haven’t voted yet. To...

YouTube iframe API


YouTube iframe API lets developers control embedded YouTube video on a website. They can for example stop or pause the player, react on player state changes or add their own event listener. I familiarise with it with a YouTube video that’s in fact compilation of couple of songs and I beside it was an ordered list of those songs and I wanted the currently played song to be styled differently...

Feathers.js makes developing RESTful and realtime apps easier


I discovered Feathers.js via Tutorialzine article that popped in my Facebook timeline, which offered 15 interesting JavaScript and CSS libraries for June 2017. Since then I’ve been toying with it for almost a week now and I’m really liking it. It has a lot of documentation to start with but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone new to web development since it’s not...

WordPress Settings API demystified


UPDATE I’ve made a wrapper which simplifies working with Settings API where you don’t have to deal with parameters that aren’t used outside of Settings API and are used just to connect sections and fields. You can find it among my gists on github here. Check included example and see how easy it is to work with it! WordPress Settings API is so hard to figure it out because...

JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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