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First impressions of ASUS X540UV


Yesterday a new laptop arrived at home. It’s a budget one and I spotted a pretty good deal with 90 € off. I’ve decided for a purchase because the previous has been acting funny recently with on and off weird issues with display. It still works and does the job but with external monitor pluged-in. So it has became a stationary one which defeats the purpose of laptops. The first think I...

Gonilniki za prenosnik Asus N53Jn v Windows 8


Asus za nekatere modele svojih prenosnikov na svoji spletni strani ne ponuja gonilnikov za najnovejši Windows 8. Obstaja več rešitev: Nameščanje gonilnikov za Windows 7, saj večina gonilnikov za ta operacijski sistem deluje tudi na Windows 8. Zalomi se pri takih, ki med svojo namestitvijo poizvedujejo po programih, ki jih Windows 7 ima, Windows 8 pa ne in zato se namestitev prekine. Primer takega...

JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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