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Creating database migrations and seeds in Node.js


This can be all done with knex library, a SQL query builder for JavaScript. In this post I’ll use MySQL (MariaDB) database, but knex also supports Postgres, MSSQL, SQLite3, and Oracle. I will also use faker for generating fake data for seeding the database. Install knex, faker and mysql (or any other driver for database which knex supports). npm install knex faker mysql Create a new...

InfluxDB: a time-series database to go


InfluxDB is exciting new technology I’m learning at the moment. It’s a specialized database for storing time series. In short time-series is defined by its name and metric name(s). It consists of sequence of {timestamp, metric values} ((Baron Schwartz’s Blog: Time-Series Requirements)) where each record is uniquely defined by timestamp. The most obvious use case right now I see...

JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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