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First impressions of ASUS X540UV


Yesterday a new laptop arrived at home. It’s a budget one and I spotted a pretty good deal with 90 € off. I’ve decided for a purchase because the previous has been acting funny recently with on and off weird issues with display. It still works and does the job but with external monitor pluged-in. So it has became a stationary one which defeats the purpose of laptops. The first think I...

Solid State Drive (SSD) improved my laptop’s performance


Yesterday I was delivered my first SSD which I’ve brought over the internet and installed it into my 2-year-old laptop. And result is really what they are saying about SSDs on the internet – improved performance in every aspect, except maybe internet connection speed. My laptop is running Ubuntu operational system and I use it for entertainment (watching TV movies/shows and browsing...

JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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