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First impressions of ASUS X540UV

Yesterday a new laptop arrived at home. It’s a budget one and I spotted a pretty good deal with 90 € off. I’ve decided for a purchase because the previous has been acting funny recently with on and off weird issues with display. It still works and does the job but with external monitor pluged-in. So it has became a stationary one which defeats the purpose of laptops.

The first think I observed was the lightness of a package. ASUS X540UV uses SSD and no DVD unit drive which lowers the total weight to 2 kilogams.

Next are ports: it has 3 for USB, 1 for HDMI, memory card and sound. Those are all on the left side. On the right side there’s nothing. The only thing I miss a little is a Ethernet port because it could come in handy from a time to time.

I have a little experiences with upgrading hardware components in a laptop (RAM) so I checked on a YouTube how would one open a laptop with similar internal design. Compared to my previous laptop, I have to say it’s less convenient. My previous laptop only required you to unscrew two screws and remove only a part of bottom surface to be able to add additional RAM but with the new one you have to remove the whole bottom surface and internally you have to unscrew some component, flip it, add RAM and repeat the process in reverse order. I decided not to do this myself since it’s not a pressing issue – my previous laptop had only 4 GB but new one has 8 GB.

Solid State Drive (SSD) improved my laptop’s performance

Yesterday I was delivered my first SSD which I’ve brought over the internet and installed it into my 2-year-old laptop. And result is really what they are saying about SSDs on the internet – improved performance in every aspect, except maybe internet connection speed.

My laptop is running Ubuntu operational system and I use it for entertainment (watching TV movies/shows and browsing the internet) and programming (web development). For entertainment HDD is just fine but for web development it’s been bothering me for quite some time how slow the system was. While doing web development you’re running couple of resource-hungry processes – at minimum internet browser, code editor (I use Atom and WebStorm) and development server, possible more than one, that watches for file change, compiles source code and reloads the browser.

Before deciding to buy SSD I was also fiddling with the idea to buy additional RAM since my laptop supports it (up to 8 GB). After researching the internet I decided to buy SSD first and watch RAM consumption since there was information that reading/loading from SSD also takes less RAM. That proved to be true but change were not as significant as I thought at first. So I’ll definitely buy additional RAM.

At the end all this upgrade will cost me around 160 € (laptop was 530 €) which is nothing compared to a price of a new laptop. Laptops that suit my needs (more or equal than 8 GB of RAM, SSD, good processor and graphics card) start at 800 €.

Latest system config

My latest system configuration (it doesn’t say, but disk type is SSD)