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I’ve built my first Angular2 app!


I developed my first Angular2 app! That is quite an achievement since initially, I was against Angular2 mainly because it didn’t look like JavaScript (it’s framework, it uses TypeScript, its weird template syntax). I still do not prefer it, but I said to myself that a knowledge of a new technology will make me cooler to future head hunters and that I will have a great perspective on...

redux-observable is epic, goodbye redux-thunk and axios


Redux-observable is alternative way of performing async operations in JavaScript applications that use redux, apart from redux-thunk. And certainly more awesome. It uses RxJS underneath which I already wrote about briefly. Apart from bringing the power of functional reactive programming into my application I also see it as a way to better structure my application (while using epics). And I also...

Autocomplete in RxJS (code walk)


Autocomplete functionality is probably the first use case you hear for using RxJS. Here is one possible implementation for it (code can be also found in JSBin): let input = document.querySelector('input') let inputStream = Rx.Observable.fromEvent(input, 'input') let ul = document.querySelector('ul') let responseStream = inputStream .debounceTime(500) .map(e => e.target.value) .filter(value => ...

JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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