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  • Avtomatska rokometna lestvica (WordPress plugin)

    Last weekend I developed for an acquintance a WordPress plugin which I’ve titled “Avtomatska rokometna lestvica” (translates to “Automatic handball league table” from Slovene). He’s a contributor to an official website of RK Trimo Trebnje, my local handball club and asked me if it’s possible to have a functionality which replaces the manual work of […]

  • WordPress Settings API demystified

    UPDATE I’ve made a wrapper which simplifies working with Settings API where you don’t have to deal with parameters that aren’t used outside of Settings API and are used just to connect sections and fields. You can find it among my gists on github here. Check included example and see how easy it is to […]

  • Flexbox – how I finally begin to understand and love it!

    Since I first heard of Flexbox Layout Module, I’ve always been kind of intimidated by it because I don’t see myself as a “web design” guy ((But I strive to be a self-sufficient when it comes to building websites and web apps)). I’ve heard its main selling point of creating layout easier and even used […]

  • Creating extendable WordPress theme

    I think that every decent WordPress developer knows that the best way to modify a WordPress theme you don’t own is by creating a child theme, where you create a new style.css where you specify in its header comments which existing theme you are applying changes to. Funny thing is that for a long time […]

  • Switching from HTTP to HTTPS

    Today my virtual private server on DigitalOcean became secure virtual private server. Hell yeah, I enabled HTTPS! It was simple! I just followed How To Secure Nginx with Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu 14.04 from DigitalOcean which uses a client provided by Let’s Encrypt to get a free certificate and then enlists steps with how to […]