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This is another TV show I’ve been watching lately and enjoying. It’s set in England where AI is advanced to the stage where it’s used as a workforce in form of humanoid robots (personal assistants, factory workers, etc). But there exists few robots or synths, as they are called in a show, that acts just like humans. They have consciousness and they can feel. They, synths are fighting for survival, recognition and right of being treated as humans.


I like the show because it shows multiple stories of conscious synths: one wanting to blend among humans and keep pretending it’s just average synth, because it likes being among them, others just wanting to survive and not ended as broken and send for repair and there’s another one wanting to “wake up” more synths and fighting for equal rights among humans.

Show is pretty actual to me because in recent past few great relevant minds like Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk expressed their fear of AI in such developed form and how they could end humanity. I agree with them but it’s absurd what media is doing right now. Now any kind of AI is deemed dangerous when in fact it’s not. My definition of AI is that it’s basically every decision-based computer program. So is for example FIFA playing system dangerous to humans (except for maybe erratic gamers who can’t cope with defeat)?

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JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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