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Tracy Crosswhite short stories: The Academy and Third Watch


Book series about Tracy Crosswhite from American writer Robert Dugoni also consists of two short stories which act as prequels to his first book in the series, My Sister’s Grave. They are titled The Academy and Third Watch and together they are long about 3 hours of reading.

The Academy describes motives and goals that drove then 25-year-old Tracy to quit teaching chemistry in school in her hometown of Cedar Grove and joining Seattle Police Department to become homicide detective. We also learn specifics of an incident between her and her later boss Johnny Nolasco who’s ego is still hurt because of that even after 20 years and is unsuccessfully trying day and night (and failing miserably) to get Tracy to fail professionally as a first female homicide detective in Seattle. We also get to know Jenny Almond, sheriff from third book in a series, In the Clearing, who Tracy helps to improve both physically and mentally to be able to pass the Academy.

Third Watch is set 6 years after the events in The Academy with Tracy doing night patrols when she responds to domestic violence and hostage crisis with no immediately available backup. She’s able to keep her cool and handles it with no casualties. Her bosses recognize her actions and award her with Medal of Valor and at the same time putting SPD critics on mistreating female officers to rest. She’s also promoted to the Burglary unit which is located in the same level as Homicide she ends up in later books in the series. Story ends with her encounter with Johny Nolasco to whom she repeats what she told him 6 years ago. That she intends to take his job ((But here’s what I’m wondering, did she already fulfill that promise by being promoted to homicide detective in later books or does she chase whatever position Johnny Nolasco occupies, because in the last book he’s a police captain)).

They are must-read for everyone that grew fond of the Tracy Crosswhite and would like to know more about her characteristics and her remarkable abilities. Because she is a very badass female character.

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