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“Cvetje v jeseni” musical


This year Santa/my mom brought me a ticket for a very praised original musical in Slovenia at the moment, called “Cvetje v jeseni”, Flowers in Autumn in English. It’s an adaptation of a book with a same name written by Slovenian writer Ivan Tavčar in 1917. This book is also adapted as a movie which was made in 1973 and is starring Polde Bibič and Milena Zupančič, both very famous actors in Slovenia.

It’s about a middle-age doctor Janez who gets tired of city life and visits farm of an old friend in the countryside again after few years. There he meets his daughter Meta who meanwhile grew up into a beautiful girl. They fall madly in love. But work calls Janez to return to the city. Some day in Autumn Janez’s friend come to sell him a farm and Janez sees the opportunity in it to marry and live with Meta. He first tells the news to Meta’s parents who gave their approval then tells the news to Meta, but because she’s overwhelmed with happiness and with weak heart, she dies. “Cvetje v jeseni” is a metaphor for a Janez’s middle-age love which, like flowers in autumn, never comes to fruition because of Meta’s sudden death.

Musical is starring Nina Pušlar as Meta and Matjaž Robavs as Janez who are both excellent and well-known singers in Slovenia. I was very happy to catch a day when they (not their replacements) performed. I was expecting to be more impressed by Nina Pušlar but I ended more with Matjaž Robavs. Mainly because the story is told from Janez’s point of view meaning Robavs gets more show time and I already knew Nina Pušlar’s talents because I visited her music concerts before. They both rise up to the occasion despite technically they aren’t professional stage actors. But I guess because they are both singers who perform on stage and are accustomed to it, learning few extra things weren’t hard for them.

This was a wonderful day! 🙂

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JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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