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  • Fender Acoustasonic Player

    Currently I am in a search of my first electric guitar and one of the electric guitars I’ve been trying is Fender Acoustasonic Player which is a electro-acoustic guitar in the shape of telecaster with a sound hole. Beside pure acoustic sound the guitar can also produce sounds of various body shapes of acoustic guitars […]

  • Thought on The Tower of the Swallows by Andrzej Sapkowski

    The Tower of the Swallows is a 4th book in a fantasy saga The Witcher written by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Compared to the previous books in a saga to me it has more plot, is the bloodiest one, has a lot more characters which are thrown in the plot and doesn’t have long-lasting effect. […]

  • First bake of 2019 and thoughts on pizza steel

    First bake of 2019 and thoughts on pizza steel

    It’s January 2nd and I have already baked a sourdough bread which I made dough for it a day before in an evening. I have used 15 % wholegrain spelt flour, 8 % rye flour, 55 % all-purpose flour and 22 % organic wheat flour – this amounted to 600 g of flour and I’ve […]

  • First impressions of ASUS X540UV

    Yesterday a new laptop arrived at home. It’s a budget one and I spotted a pretty good deal with 90 € off. I’ve decided for a purchase because the previous has been acting funny recently with on and off weird issues with display. It still works and does the job but with external monitor pluged-in. […]

  • My thoughts on Heavy Rain

    My thoughts on Heavy Rain

    I got the game together with Two Souls: Beyond (which also I wrote about here) and like the latter, Heavy Rain was such a cool experience to play! It’s an awesome psychological thriller with lots of cut scenes that are in fact motion capture. In the game player assumes roles of multiple characters that he […]