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Thoughts on Educated (by Tara Westover)


I have mixed feelings about the book Educated by Tara Westover. I didn’t enjoy the book story-wise , reading about “strange” things happening in her family and different views between her and their parents and how these frictions caused her emotional unrest. For example:

  • Her father was a religious fanatic who didn’t trust government establishments (schools, hospitals) so Tara and her siblings were home-schooled and their injuries patched with homeopathics by her mother.
  • Since her father had a lot of faith in God, he was often reckless about safety of his family.
  • Her brother who fell on his head couple of times during the junkyard and construction business, run by their father, was violent toward her to the point of hurting her and later threatening here with killing her.

What I admired about the book and what kept me reading it, is how well she put her experiences, thoughts and feelings on paper. Also the fact she had to constantly choose between herself and her family and always chose herself despite being close to the other option and than feeling bad about disappointing her family.

In my opinion the title Educated is not meant in a positive way because the author is constantly trying to find a way back to her family, after deciding at 17 years old she wants to go to school, thus sacrificing her family for an education.

By Jernej
JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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