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Libraries over frameworks


Lately (in term of years) I noticed I prefer using libraries over frameworks. Or in other words I like to use packages that each do their one thing well rather than one package with all batteries included. I recognize both libraries and frameworks have their pros and cons. You can see my preference for libraries if you are reading my blog where I write a lot about web development, specifically...

Context package in Golang


Go has a package named context in its standard library. It’s responsibilities are cancelations and carrying request-scoped data (but that doesn’t mean it’s only used in HTTP handlers). I’ve learned it in two parts. For a long time I used it only for storing request-scoped data in HTTP middlewares, but recently I’ve learned the rest of it – (1) how to set up...

Exercism – solving programming exercises with cool approach


For the past month, I’ve been enjoying Exercism.io, a platform which gives you programming exercises to solve. There are two things I find so cool about it. First, you are fetching exercises and submitting their solutions from the command line. Second, you can easily view how others have solved the same exercise after you’ve submitted your own. Because these two things are...

A Movie Downloader (a weekend project in Go)


Last weekend’s project I made was a CLI downloader, named A Movie Downloader (movie-dl), that searches for a movie and downloads both magnet link and a matching English subtitles. A magnet is then opened with Transmission that handles its download. Subtitles are placed in a folder where a movie will be downloaded. That meant that somehow I needed to figure it out where and how this folder...



In functional programming, Maybe is a wrapper around a value which deals with null or undefined values for you. That means if you get that kind of value as a result of some computation, all other chained operations that follow, evaluate to that value. It turns if/else where you check for value’s nullness or undefined value into functions. For example, if you are querying for a user and user...

JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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