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Fender Acoustasonic Player


Currently I am in a search of my first electric guitar and one of the electric guitars I’ve been trying is Fender Acoustasonic Player which is a electro-acoustic guitar in the shape of telecaster with a sound hole. Beside pure acoustic sound the guitar can also produce sounds of various body shapes of acoustic guitars through amplifier, blend knob and a switch, giving a total of 4 different...



My first ever (also sourdough). They look like batards though. Shaping and scoring need work. Although I was careful not to use lot of flour for dusting the dough still didn’t roll nicely – it was sliding at the ends so I could not apply little taper. Maybe will try increasing hydration just a little bit or make changes in using flour for dusting. Proofed using couche. Crusty and in...

Kitchen machine, #1


I also own a kitchen machine from December 2021. I bought it mainly because of bread/pizza making but I also used it for making pastry dough. First lesson learned when kneading bread dough – if the dough does not cling to the dough hook after running for few minutes then check the dough quantity and dough hydration (ration of water to flour in weight). Having too little dough or it being...

Ooni Koda pizza oven


A year ago I purchased an Ooni Koda pizza gas oven. Since then I have been baking pizzas with it almost on a weekly basis. I am really happy with it because it takes baked (Neapolitan-style) pizzas on a completely new level compared to a traditional home ovens, with or without baking stone. In this post I would like to share my current process of making pizza dough and baking process in Ooni Koda...

Lodge combo cooker cast iron


For the past six months I have been using Lodge combo cooker cast iron for baking my usual loaf of sourdough bread and I am loving it! Compared to my previous favourite way of baking bread using pizza steel, it makes baking routine simpler because in the first half of the bake I do not have to tend to a tray beneath the pizza steel where I put water just after launching my bread dough onto the...

JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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