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One-liner for serving static files in Go explained


Whenever I want to set up a server for serving static files in Go, which is not often, I always have to spend some time to figure out the following one-liner. http.Handle("/images/", http.StripPrefix("/images/", http.FileServer(http.Dir("./images")))) What confuses me probably the most here is all three strings being practically the same. So in this post I will explain what this does for my...

Input validation with Folktale


In this post I’ll show a way to do input validation in JavaScript using Folktale which is a library for functional programming. The beauty of this approach is having validation rules (is required, is email, is confirmed, etc) specified as a callbacks so they can be reused across different forms and also the absence of control flow structures associated when doing input validation...

The best way of rendering a collection of items in React/Redux


In short The best way to render a collection in React, backed by Redux or other similar library: store a collection as an object where key is item id and value is item itself. That way when rendering collection, pass only item’s id to the item component. Than in item’s connected component query a collection by item’s id you passed early. So something like this. //Item.js import...

Like/dislike content or remove vote


I’m building an app around YouTube iframe api (which I wrote about already), where user can like/dislike content (a type of video which is a compilation of songs that can be targeted by time) or removing vote if clicking on the same vote type again. For example if user clicks on like button for the second time in a row, vote gets removed and page appears as user haven’t voted yet. To...

YouTube iframe API


YouTube iframe API lets developers control embedded YouTube video on a website. They can for example stop or pause the player, react on player state changes or add their own event listener. I familiarise with it with a YouTube video that’s in fact compilation of couple of songs and I beside it was an ordered list of those songs and I wanted the currently played song to be styled differently...

JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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