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3rd Season Finale of The Flash


Left me cold and little disappointed. They’ve should have thrown Barry into The Speed Force lot sooner and without him knowing so his evil future self, Savitar would not remember it and try to stop him. Him being in The Speed Force would result in Savitar being unable to be born. Also why did Barry’s lose of memory affect Savitar in a flash but after their con which resulted in H.R...

What I would miss about Ubuntu Unity


Recently company behind Ubuntu announced it will discontinue developing Unity, Ubuntu’s default desktop environment and for the next LTS Gnome will take its place. The news made me sad because of one feature I really like about Unity which Gnome doesn’t have. And this is global menus where app bar and it’s menu are mixed in desktop bar. Which saves a ton of space. It also...

Silicon Valley TV show


I feel way too late to the party but last Sunday I discovered a brilliant TV series called Silicon Valley. It’s about a tech start-up Pied Piper which tries to secure funds for its idea and along the way overcomes obstacles like creating the business plan, pitching the idea to investors, handling legal issues, growing the company with competent staff. So far I’ve finished the first...

Computer Science degree


Every now and then a message on social networks pops up which devalues Computer Science degree. And unsurprisingly this usually comes from people who don’t have CS degree. When this happens I get the urge to punch this person in the face. But I refrain myself engaging. They think because they are “self-taught” or whatever they are better than their colleagues with CS degree...



This is another TV show I’ve been watching lately and enjoying. It’s set in England where AI is advanced to the stage where it’s used as a workforce in form of humanoid robots (personal assistants, factory workers, etc). But there exists few robots or synths, as they are called in a show, that acts just like humans. They have consciousness and they can feel. They, synths are...

JS Blog Software development, entertainment, lifestyle.

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